National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms (NCIM)

NCIM Services Fee Structure

  Service type (Scientific and technical consultancy services) Industries/ NGOs/ trusts/ Start-ups
Govt. R&D institutes / CSIR labs
Academic institutes
Forms to download
  Microbial culture *

 1.  Active form on slant/stab  5,000  1,500  1,500  Email us
 2.  Freeze dried/ lyophilized vial   3,500  1,100 1,100  Email us
  Deposit of microbial culture

 3. General Deposit
Free  Download:Word
 4. Safe Deposit (For 1 year)
10,000  Download: Word
 5.  Safe Deposit renewal (from 2nd year)  5,000  5,000  5,000  
  Molecular/genetic ID $

 6. Sequencing of culture or DNA by 16S/ITS/18S/D1-D2/specific gene (600-700 bases) + BLAST report
25% discount
50% discount  Download: Word
 7. Sequencing of culture or DNA by 16S/18S/specific gene (1100-1200 bases) + BLAST report
25% discount
50% discount  Download: Word
 8.  Phylogenetic analysis   1,500  25% discount  50% discount Email us
 9. Microbial Whole genome sequencing/ metagenome sequencing (amplicon/shotgun)
Email us  25% discount  50% discount Contact us
   Biochemical/phentypic ID $        
 10.  VITEK-MS  3,000  25% discount  50% discount  Download: Word
 11.  Identification by VITEK-2 compact  1,500  25% discount  50% discount  Download: Word
 12.  Antibiotic susceptibility testing by VITEK 2  2,000  25% discount  50% discount  Download: Word
 13.  API-Zym (Enzyme)/API-CH50 (substrate utilization) test  6,000  25% discount  50% discount  Download: Word
 14.  Freeze-drying of microbial culture (15 ampoules)  20,000  25% discount  50% discount  Download: Word
 15.  NCIM catalogue (hard copy)  Email us  Email us  Email us  Email us
 16. Contract research/testing services etc.  Email us  Email us  Email us  Email us

Terms and conditions

  1. * - Includes Bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Algae and Actinomycetes.
  2. $- Fees per sample/per culture.
  3. GST Extra (18%) applicable for services within India only. 
  4. GST Extra (18%) applicable for CSIR Labs.
  6. NCL ARN # AA270317202354I
  7. Please contact NCIM helpdesk ( for availing any services/queries.
  8. Cheques and cash will not be accepted.
  9. Culture will not be supplied to a private address or an individual.
  10. Payments should be made in advance by demand draft drawn in favour of the ‘Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune’ payable at Pune.
  11. Please mention email id and contact number on the order form/ request letter/email correspondence.
  12. Request letter from temporary staff (students/assistants) will not be accepted, it must be signed by higher authorities.
  13. There is no practice of sending tax invoice or bill in triplicate. Please contact accounts section for receipt (Tel. 91-20-25902561 or 25902661).
  14. DD will not be accepted by hand; must be sent by post or courier only.
  15. Cultures will not be given in hand; they will be delivered by post or by courier at specified address provided to us.

Important note

  1. NCIM cultures are only for scientific research/R&D purpose having their own accession numbers as indicated in online catalog.
  2. Cultures can not be handed over to third party and are strictly not for commercial exploitation by recipient, as agreed upon by signing MTA while procuring them.
  3. If found commercial utilization without our consent, may be liable for legal penalty.
  4. NCIM cultures are equivalent cultures derived from standard collections; hence they may not necessarily be exactly identical because of genetic changes or genetic drift.
  5. Cultures must be handled carefully by following standard practices.
  6. NCIM is not liable for any misuse or improper handling by recipient side.

Any correspondence should be addressed to:

Scientist In-charge,
National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms (NCIM),
CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory
Pune 411 008, Maharashtra
Telephone : 91-20- 2590 2670/2454
Fax : 91-20-25902671 
Working Hours: Monday to Friday : 10 AM- 5 PM (except Sat and Sun and National holidays)
E-mail :