Centers Of Excellence

During the last few years, CSIR-NCL has initiated five Centres of Excellence to encourage and carry out excellent research in specified areas by bringing in like-minded people together through discussions and to train staff and students in doing quality research using the best infrastructure and facilities.

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Nano-materials & nano-particles

Nanoscale materials are considered to be attractive building blocks for constructing novel devices due to their unique size-dependent, and often tunable, thermal, optical, electronic and magnetic properties arising from quantum confinement effects. In particular, there has been a great dea...

Micro reactor Engineering

With NCL’s strengths in synthesis, catalysis, analysis, engineering and direct relevance with the industrial research, a Centre of Excellence on Microreaction Technology (CoE) is a long term program where the advantages of miniaturization and continuous flow are explored and extended towar...

Scientific Computing

The Center of Excellence in Scientific Computing (CoESC) promotes R&D activities in scientific computing in all branches of chemistry, chemical engineering and chemical informational sciences.

Specialty Polymers for Customized Additive Manufacturing

The Centre of Excellence in Specialty Polymers for Customized Additive Manufacturing has been established at CSIR-NCL Pune through the support of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC), Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers, Government of India along with Research, Project Pl...