Facts And Figures

NCL a Snap Shot (as on 31-3-2022)

  Established 1950
  Location Pune, India
  Scientific Staff 119
  Technical Supporting Staff 115
  Administrative Staff 89
  Students and Project Staff 631


CSIR grant
  Capital Rs. 127.8971 Million
  Recurring Rs. 838.6056 Million
Project mode funding
  CSIR Funded Projects (MM/FBR/NCP) Rs. 67.1461 Million
Expenditure (2021-22)
  CSIR Rs.  1839.2936 Million
  Lab reserve Rs. 16.5367 Million  
Total income earned from R & D services
  Industry Rs. 102.1 Million  
  Government Rs. 126.7 Million

NCL at a Glance

  • Approximately 200 scientific staff with PhD.
  • Interdisciplinary research centre with interest in polymer science, organic chemistry, catalysis, materials chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemical sciences and process development.
  • Excellent infrastructure for measurement science and chemical information.
  • About 400 graduate students pursuing research towards doctoral degree; a strong and young talent pool which renews every few years.
  • Publishes the second largest number of papers in chemical sciences (~ 400), files the largest number of patents, both in India (~30) and abroad (~90) and produces the largest number of Ph.Ds in Chemical Sciences in India.