NCL Alumni Association

The NCL Alumni Association (NAA) formed in August 1994 is a forum for interaction between NCL scientists, alumni and research students. NAA membership is open to all who have received a degree by virtue of working at NCL as well as to NCL scientists. At present, there are nearly 500 registered members who are residing in india and abroad. The Association has been uniquely successful in blending intellectual activities with cultural and training activities. The annual alumni meets,named Interface have been highly successful in promoting student-guide-alumni interactions.

NAA has been organizing. The Global Alumni Meets since 2011, aiming to bring its alumni to the fold of the alma mater, and to develop an active Alumni- Institute network that will foster alumni-institute-industry interactions in india and abroad. The meets also provide an excellent platform for discussing and channelizing the expertise of NCL alumni in india and abroad for the benefit of India industry and academia.