Join Us : Overview

NCL has a vibrant scientific community consisting of Scientists, Technologists, Post-doctoral Researchers, Doctoral Students and Project Assistants. The scientific staff and students are the true strength of NCL. Scientists and Technologists are permanent employees while Project Assistants are hired for a fixed duration depending upon the needs of a particular project.

NCL is constantly looking for people in the broad areas of chemical sciences/ engineering, materials science and biotechnology. Among Indian research institutions, NCL today offers its young and promising scientists unprecedented freedom, opportunities and start-up support. NCL is looking for talented scientists who can lead their own research groups, work in teams, be flexible in applying their skills, enter new areas and communicate effectively. Given the new realities of reduced government funding, NCL is interested in people who can contribute effectively in the new paradigm of combining cutting-edge basic and applied research with industrial consulting and an entrepreneurial spirit.

NCL is run by its scientists. It is the scientist who provides leadership to R&D activities at NCL. The duties of a scientist include conception, planning, initiation and execution of research projects. At the senior levels, the duties also include R&D management, some administrative responsibilities, institutional investment planning, business development, recruitment and creation of new strengths and facilities.

The Technical Staff is largely responsible for the maintenance, day-to-day management and operation of instruments, equipments and facilities at NCL

Post-doctoral Researchers and Doctoral Students receive advanced training in the methods of science under the guidance of a qualified research adviser. Post-doctoral researchers are often funded through Research Associateships from the government agencies. Doctoral students in the sciences often receive junior and senior research fellowships based on their performance in the CSIR-NET examination for pursuing research at NCL. These students work for their PhD at NCL, and are registered at the AcSIR. Most scientists at NCL are also faculty at the AcSIR.  Given the wide range of interdisciplinary research at NCL, our scientists are recognized as faculty in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering at AcSIR.