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Process separations


We are working in the area of Separation Science & Catalytic Reaction Engineering. At NCL, we are also working with Indian industries for productivity improvements through improved reaction/separations, particularly for industrial processes and industrial effluent treatment. The research in this area has several challenges and will have continued research interest worldwide. Government regulations with respect to pollution control as well as growth of these industry sectors will be forcing increased attention in this area. Apart from engineering key modifications in the existing separations, process integration is an interesting and fairly wide open area for research and development wherein there is huge scope for intelligent combination of 2 or more operations. Advent of nano-materials has also increased scope of investigating advanced separations with altogether new perspective. Thus, there is ample scope in the form of development of new/ novel materials such as adsorbents/resins/coagulant formulations/ membranes/ hybrid membranes/nano-materials and so on, apart from process integration options for encompassing entire spectrum of separation science and technology in chemical and allied industry. At NCL, we have established a pilot plant with 1 m3/h capacity for carrying out separations/ effluent treatment studies using hydrodynamic cavitation, a novel separation method with huge potential for development of new devices and process intensification with other methods such as coagulation, oxidation, membrane separation, adsorption etc. apart from biological treatment methods. Advanced research in the area of separation science and technology is essential to increase productivity and profitability of Indian industries, to attain global competitiveness and leadership and for safer environment. And, we at NCL, are trying to achieve these goals through our research and industrial work.

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