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Competencies in clone development, upstream and downstream process development, structural characterization of complex macromolecules Lab scale POC to demo scale BEP development Excellent infrastructure for recombinant proteins characterization

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Bhambure Dr. R. S.

CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road ,

Pune 411 008 India
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DHARNE Dr. Mahesh

Senior Principal Scientist: National Collection of Industrial Micro-Organisms
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Area Of Expertise:- Biocatalysis; Biofuels; Bioinformatics; BioTechnology; Microbiology

Dr. Mahesh D. Patil

Scientist: Chemical Engineering & Process Development
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Area Of Expertise:- Biocatalysis; Biosynthesis; BioTechnology; Biotransformation; Microbiology

Goyal Dr. Parveen

Senior Scientist: Biochemical Sciences Division
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Area Of Expertise:- BioTechnology; Proteomics; Structural Biology