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Chemical Engineering & Process Development : Overview

Chemical engineering and process development (CEPD) division focuses on creating innovations & knowledgebase to solve ‘relevant’ problems. Most real-world problems typically are ‘ill-structured’ and ‘messy’ [and invariably multi-scale]. CEPD team develops new insights and methodologies to address and solve such real life problems. The focus is primarily on chemical industry. Chemical industry touches billions of people every day and is crucial for enhancing quality of life. CEPD team also makes significant contributions to realize competitive industry beyond traditional chemical industry as well which includes energy and power [coal, solar, wind, bio …]; foods; healthcare (implants, diagnosis and so on); materials (polymers, metals, cement & other advanced materials); water and so on. The CEPD efforts are aimed at influencing competitiveness and thereby enhancing rate, sustainability & inclusiveness of growth in these industry sectors.