Research Council


Constitution Date : 01 Aug, 2013
Tenure : 3
Expiry Date :
Re-Constitution Date :
Meeting Frequency : Half Yearly


The Research Council is a high-level think-tank for the laboratory, that provides it with the best of direction and vision and helps it to design a road map to achieve it.

Terms Of Referrence

1. Advise on the formulation of R&D programmes and future directions of activities of the laboratory keeping in view the Five Year Plans, national priorities and opportunity areas.
2. Suggest networking with other CSIR National Laboratories on programmes of mutual interest.
3. Review R&D activities and research programmes and advise on future directions.
4. Advise on fostering linkages between the Laboratory, industry and potential clients.
5. Constitute panel of experts for selection of Scientific (Group IV) staff.
6. Any other function as may be assigned by Director General/Governing Body.
7. The Proceedings of the Research Council shall be approved by its Chairman. In the absence of Chairman of RC, one of its members who presides the meeting as Chairman shall approve the Proceedings of the said meeting. The Director-General may amend any of the decisions of the Research Council which shall be binding.
8. The tenure of the constituted RC is upto 31st July 2016
9. The expenses on TA/DA and honorarium of Rs 2000/- per meeting to the non-CSIR members will be borne by the laboratory



MemberAshwini Kumar
SecretaryMr. G. PrabhakaranChair,


ChairmanProf. Gautam R. DesirajuProfessorgautam.desiraju@gmail.com9741638848
MemberDr. Mukund K GurjarExecutive
MemberDr. R.K. KhandalPresidentprofrkkhandal@indiaglycols.com9599433590
MemberProfessor Suresh BhargavaDistinguished Professor and KIA; 61399252330
MemberDr. Prashant PrabhuRetired Presidentprashantprabhu2010@gmail.com8605796498
MemberDr. Bipin AlrejaAdvisordralreja@gmail.com9820092321
MemberDr. Bindu DeySecretarydey.bindu@gov.in1126537349
MemberDr. Sanjay NeneRetd. Chief Scientistsanjay.nene@gmail.com9850821229
DG’s NomineeDr. Anjan RayDirectordirector@iip.res.in1123316748
MemberDr. A. AjayaghoshDirectordirector@niist.res.in9447891200
MemberDr. S. ChandrasekharDirectordirector@iict.res.in9440802787

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